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Aug 16

Lingering by the Porch

From Daniel:
Reading through your book got me to write a post about my future wife! :)

Daniel was actually one of my husband’s youth kids before we were even dating or knew each other. He went through some tough times of “depression/rebellion” as he calls it when Yuee first befriended him but it’s been such a blessing to see God continue to pursue him and his response and fruitfulness over time.

Though the years have surely involved changes, transitions, and moves, we somehow all found ourselves in the same church where he has since taken a leadership position in the young adult group called “The Porch”. He was heading up a team to start a corresponding blog as an online influence and point of connection for both those in and outside the community and asked us if we’d like to join his team to design/develop and advise the project.

It’s been such a joy serving together in the area of arts/design/the web that really resonates with us and even moreso with such a group of like-minded and uplifting brothers and sisters. And it always astounds me how the hand of God moves, unravels, intertwines.

Anyway, here’s Dan’s eloquent entry (& blog of inspiring stories). And for all you single folks around DFW, The Porch is a great place to hang on Tuesday nights. :P


A final P.S.: Daniel’s mentioned on page 151 of DFH. :)