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Oct 09


First of all, thanks to everyone who came/dropped by for the signing last month. :) It’s always a blessing to fellowship with friends old and new.

I wanted to share the sweetest DFW (“Dear Future Wife”) letter! It’s been really surprising for me to see how many guys do think about this things and their willingness to be open and vulnerable.

Dear Future Wife,

I wonder if you’re struggling with singleness as I am now. I wonder if you’ve ever beheld the beauty that is God’s gift of marriage, and wondered when it was that you’d finally get to be a bride instead of a bridesmaid. I wonder if you’ve ever gazed at a full moon like the one tonight, or marveled at a meteor shower, and felt like something was missing because you didn’t have a special someone to share that moment of awe with. I wonder if you’ve ever thought you’d met the one, and then subsequently had your heart broken. I wonder if you’ve ever raised your fist at the heavens at reading Genesis 2:18, that God could design man in such a way that in spite of the perfect fellowship Adam had with God, Adam was in a sense, still alone. If so, I wish this letter could somehow find its way into your hands now, and that you might be encouraged. Because I, your future husband, do in fact exist, and have struggled with those same questions and doubts you’re struggling with now.

Beloved, know that for all your wanting and longing, all your brokenness and fears, God is working through all things to shape you to become the woman He wants you to be – one who is like His Son, Jesus Christ. He is preparing us for a lifelong commitment not just to each other, but to bring Him glory through His gift of marriage. This time of singleness that we are both going through now is not simply a time of waiting but a time of growing, learning, maturing, and trusting. I pray that this time would truly strengthen your faith in Him as you realize just how dependent you are and just how dependable He is. Would the suffering you feel now clarify the intentions of your heart, to help you learn to worship the Deliverer and not the hope of deliverance. And know that you are not alone in this time – even as you are waiting for me, I am waiting for you.

There’s a song that I would love to sing to you now if I could, “Here to Stay” by Koo Chung. May it encourage you as we both await the day we finally realize who the other is.

Verse 1:
You were there, pulling thorns from your fingers
From all the foolish flowers placed in tender hands
And so I’m here, making sure there is not one left
On this hopeless little rose, I’ve been saving for you

Maybe it’s love, or maybe it’s two years down the drain
But where there is no pain, I guess there is no gain
Maybe it’s tough, but you’re more than worth the wait
And so I’m here to stay, yeah I’m here to stay

Grace and peace to you,
Your future husband


He titled this DFW #1 — the first of many to come, I’m sure. :) What a testimony of waiting on and believing in God’s best.