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May 05

Oh Boy!

Here be the surprise mentioned in our last post. :) Yep, we’re settling into life as new parents – it’s been crazy, fun, tiring, challenging, rewarding and so much more… But we are grateful and humbled with this little blessing and look forward to this next wild adventure!

Before heading off to perhaps another poopy diaper, I’ll share some recent letters submitted. Love these and appreciate you guys sending them in! Hmmm, so we’ll have to get our son to write one… when he starts dating… in 50 years… at the earliest! ;-P


Future One,

Sing me the Song of Songs with your love. Love me with the fierceness
and tenderness that reflects the love of Our Father. Unite your heart
with Him, so that when our hearts meet, the three become one. Push me
to be the woman God is calling me to be. Push me, but be gentle. Push
me, but wrap me in your arms when I fail.

I want to love you with the love of God. I want my heart to be so lost
in His love that when our hearts meet they are one in HIM. I want your
happiness and wellbeing, even now before I know you. I promise to love
you with all I have and to give for you daily. I will try to forgive
when I can and try harder when it seems I can’t. I promise to stand
by you every day. Forgive me if I fail. Be patient with my faults.
Love me at my best and my worst. I may get impatient waiting, but I
know that as I wait, you are on a journey with God. If you get
impatient, don’t give up on me. I’m coming, just know that as you
wait God is forming me into the woman He designed. Please keep me in
your prayers as I keep you in mine.

Love you already,
Your Future One


Love of mine,
I miss you. Not in a physical way but in the deep longings of my
spirit. I know God will bring you to me. I know we are going to be
together soon. I can’t wait to date you and marry you. When we get
married can we:
* Ride a ferris wheel together even though they scare me?
* Take pictures in a mall photo booth?
* Read books and poetry aloud to each other?
* Kiss in the rain?
* Kiss under the fireworks on the 4th of July?
* Will you write a song about me?
* Hold my hand in church?
* Hold the songbook for me and sing loud and strong praises to your
I love you endlessly.
I am always waiting and ever praying,
Yours eternally.


Dear Future Wife,

I really don’t know how to start. The wait is really hard. I feel
depressed frequently and upset when i see many people date. I long to
meet you someday for I am waiting for God to transform me completely.
I am very, shy, insecure, emotional. I believe the reason I haven’t
met you yet is because I need more of HIM than you. I am praying for
you that the enemy doesn’t deceive you. I am soaking myself and trying
to spend more of my time with HIM, hoping that i would be more like
him. I have a great desire to be a man after his own heart. My mind at present
is not according to his will. I have to get rid of so many fantasies
which are not worth speaking of. Please do pray that I must meet you
as God wants me to meet you, I certainly believe that God has thought
of us together. Please don’t rush into giving yourself to another
person. Everyday many distractions come on my side too. I am constantly
thinking of you. One day when we meet I will give myself to you
completely. I will tell you how many times MY SAVIOR has kept me safe
from all the pitfalls. Maybe it’s because you have prayed for me or
your parents have prayed for me. Thank God I have never got entangled
anywhere. I am waiting for you. I hope I am not boring. People always
consider me as such. They take me for granted. They trample on my
feelings so easily, because I usually never fight back. I am so broken
now but I am glad that Lord has allowed such. It’s for his glory and
it’s for you I believe.

Thank you so much for waiting for me. The Lord is preparing our
hearts. Pray for me as I am praying for you

Your Future Husband,