Mar 04

What horns are you tooting?

Our young adult pastor gave a memorable illustration this past week that I thought worth sharing…


He relayed the story of Christmas last year and it being the first time that his 2-year old daughter was old enough to open presents. 6 months before, he happened to be at Toys R’ Us when they were going out of business and got this awesome Barbie jeep on clearance that he knew she would absolutely love. He hid it in his closet for half of a year just waiting to give it to her on Christmas Day.

That morning, as the family began to unwrap gifts, the first one she picked to open happened to be a 1-dollar horn from Target, just something to put under the tree. But for some reason, she became attached to it, despite the fact that the front piece broke off soon after and didn’t care for the other presents with her name on them.

Daddy kept coaxing her to dig into the rest of her pile but she seemed content in blowing her cheap, plastic horn. Finally, he couldn’t contain himself any longer and picked her up and carried her to the room where he had wanted to surprise her with the jeep. Needless to say, she couldn’t believe her eyes when she saw that Dad had wanted to give her something grander than anything she could have ever imagined.


How often do we cling so tightly to our little good-for-nothing horns, oblivious to the wild blessings that our Father is waiting to bestow on us if we only let Him?

Be it relationships, our future spouses, careers, or any facet of our lives, He desires the absolute best for us if we surrender our petty grasps on self and our limited perspectives. Yes, there will be questions and doubts and waiting. But rest in the One that wills good to His own.

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