Apr 03

Dear Bridegroom

Happy Easter Eve!

I read a reflective devotional this past week about Jesus’ resurrection signaling His return to the Father’s house to prepare for the Ultimate Wedding — when He comes back again for His beloved people, His church that He calls the bride of Christ. This wedding cost the Father a great price: the blood of His Son. Just as we wait for our future mates with purpose and wisdom, all the moreso shall be anticipate our Eternal Bridegroom’s arrival with faithfulness, purity, and expectancy.

Revelations 19:7 has become sort of the banner verse of DFH. Let us make ourselves ready…


And, here are two DFH Easter excerpts to share. Excuse the somebunniness. What was I thinking? :P

My Dear Special Somebunny—
Easter weekend, ’tis. Be to our Christ, our Savior. He
is alive; He is living; He is life-breathing. And oh
how much He loves me … so much He gave me you.

There dwells in me a certain contentedness, joy,
simplicity in my life these past weeks. The security
of Him and him. Not needing things … or stuff.
But being able to just be—there has been comfort
in little. Less has been more. I feel full. Bounty in
paucity … Abundance in losing, forsaking self, giv-
ing, denying, caring.

I’m meeting my Jesus early tomorrow morning at
sunrise. I can’t wait. :)



Happy Easter, you special some~bunny!
Isn’t it unique how Easter’s in March this year? It’s
a deliciously lovely day to be celebrating the resur-
rection of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. :) He
makes us more than conquerors. A much-needed
reassurance, given that the last two weeks have been
really difficult for me in body and mind.

The Lord has been teaching me that He has given
every spiritual blessing and that the task remaining is
my receiving. What comfort in that thought—God
holds in His hand everything that I could desire, ask
for, imagine. But I don’t believe enough. Did you
know we can believe and still have unbelief? Lord,
take away my unbelief.

Faith is a mysterious thing … God, help me to
believe completely that all that I see now is tem-
porary—that you will take me from this place and
bring me to another place. Give me love to endure
all things, hope all things, never fail. I also believe in
you. I believe God’ll bring me you. :) He will, he will.

Love you now, love you to the end…

Because He lives,
Easter ’02

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