Apr 29

How He Loves

It was a long-awaited and joyous occasion to celebrate Joyce and Timmy’s wedded bliss!

A portion from my whirlwind-written (3-night notice), heartfelt but not-so-well-delivered MOH toast:
Before his proposal to Joyce (and after months of planning), Timmy sent me an e-mail that I’d like to read a snippet from: “I will be at my old school setting up at 5pm. I chose this location because before Joyce and I started dating, I took her there to show her where I grew up. At the school there is a life size map of the US. We stood there talking and that was the moment at the young age of 18 that I knew that I found the person I would marry.” Fast forward a decade. This dream finally comes to fruition as Yuee and I had the privilege of witnessing Timmy get down on one knee… on that SAME US map… to ask the woman he has loved ALL these years… to spend the rest of their lives together. ;*)

It’s been such a blessing to see the couple’s journey of faith as they sought the Lord and waited patiently but also purposefully for His perfect timing and will through even some difficult circumstances. We wish you a lifetime of love as you grow together, enjoy each other and uphold one another in truth and grace.

Yuee got to sing & play Crowder’s “How He Loves”, a fave of mine (and the groom’s!). How fitting it was — this Love that gives us reason to love. Indeed, “Heaven meets earth like an unforseen kiss…”

PS: Being called “matron” seems so… matronly old. :P

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