Jun 25

Now and Then Post

I just logged into Twitter after ages and it’s interesting to see the people that somehow find you…

The last few months have been trying, somewhat busy, but always full of grace. :) I was fighting a weird illness/allergy/skin reaction for weeks and then by nothing short of a miracle, made it overseas for a family trip.

Anyway, I’m still so blessed by random notes, e-mails, and words of encouragement here and there regarding DFH.

I wanted to post a heartfelt letter that stood out to me. Thanks for sharing, Mallory!

Dear Future Husband,

I write to you in blue because blue reminds me of sadness and hardship. It represents
the many tearful days I have experienced this past month. It demonstrates the
loneliness, insecurities, and longing that have plagued my heart at times. But, blue
also reminds me of the beautiful sky God created. When I look at the sky, I am
reminded of God’s faithfulness. The vast, endless blue brings peace as I reflect on
how powerful and huge God is, and how He has an amazing plan for me that will
bring Him glory—all to happen under this big blue sky. It’s in those moments that I
look down at the ring on my left hand. The crosses that surround my name imprinted
on the ring remind me that I am Christ’s and He is mine. But, it also brings me hope
and assurance that one day a Godly guy will replace that ring with his own ring of
promise. Until that day, I will be wearing this ring, knowing that God will light my
path before me as my love relationship with Him deepens. I know that as I pursue
God with my whole heart, He will bring you into my life in His timing. As I am in this
valley of broken heartedness, I know that He will use this time to mature my identity
in Christ, develop a deep level of trust and reliance on Him, and completely restore
my heart. As I eagerly await the day you come into my life, I desire to embrace all that
God has in store for me in singleness. I am also striving to become a Proverbs 31
woman, because I want to prepare for the Godly marriage I yearn for. Trusting God
with my heart and my life, I have given him the pen to my love story. I cannot wait to
experience the beautiful, romantic and joyful story God has in store for us.

Praying for you,
Your Future Wife

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