Mar 14

So Hidden in Him

2012 is unraveling way too fast for me! The Lord continues to shake up things when I think I have everything just under control and nicely figured out. It’s a good thing, though, because all the more to rely on His grace that is all-sufficient and more than enough. :)

Here’s another must-share letter from Billie… I loved the quote in here (which inspired the title of this post).

Dearest Future Husband,
On July 16th of 2011 I made a commitment for the next year to stay single and devote my life to Christ. Letting Him shape me, mold me and make me into that godly woman you’ve been waiting for. It has now been about 8 months since that commitment and I’m proud to say that I’m more in love with my Heavenly Father then I ever have been. He has healed my heart from my broken past and has showed me new and beautiful things in life. He has placed amazing godly ladies in my life to help lead me and keep me accountable in my commitment. But I must say, this hasn’t been all hunky dory. Some days I get so frustrated with other couples and jealous at the fact they have something and I don’t. It frustrates me sometimes when I don’t know who you are or where you are. But then when I come to those frustrating times, God pulls me back to Him and His word, showing me what true love really is. When I look at my small ring with a heart placed in the middle, I remember the commitment that I made back in the summer to my Father and what He has in store for me. I know that if I continually seek Christ and keep Him as the center of my life, He will bring you into my life when His timing is right, not when I think it is right. One quote that I have hanging on my desk that I try to live by every day is “A woman’s heart must be so hidden in God, that a man has to seek Him to find her.” I just hope and pray that this is true, that you will seek Christ before you decide to pursue me. I mean after all it’s good to get the Father’s approval right? ;) So in the meantime I just want to say that I am praying for you daily and I will still continually write to you.

With all of my love
-Your future wife

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