Nov 11


As in years. It’s been awhile since I wrote a letter to the addressee of this little book so I thought I’d give it a whirl for old time’s sake…

Dear Hubby-of-a-Decade,

Ten years ago, we chose love. But it was young and imperfect — maybe moreso based on feelings and emotions and shared passions, dreams and wanting to be loved and fulfilled. Today, it is still imperfect. But it is in that imperfection that God has taught us love, actually.

In the day to day. In the muck and mire. In allowing the other to be who we are now… not what we hope the other will become or what we wish the other will be like one day… the way He meets us right where we are at. In the sweet partnership of raising our beloved son. When we summit a mountain and breathe in the beauty of His creation… In forgiveness, sacrifice, giving, compromise, fighting for it, for us. In more small moments than big ones. In realizing the immensity of what our relationship means to a society that may find marriage not worthwhile. In joy, faith, hope.

There are hard days and yet even harder ones. And then there is the blessing, over and over and over and over. Ten years and I still don’t have it all figured out. But today and always, I still choose Love Extravagant. Thank you for choosing it with me, as we continue this lifelong journey of understanding His heart.

Happy Anniversary, my love.


PS: One of these days, we’ll need a good chat in the parking lot of CCCC or plan a Sunday afternoon date in the lawn mower aisle at Sears. :)

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